Where We Did What: Hong Kong

So in between computer issues, wifi issues, and some nasty Asian bug (also... bedbugs.... more on that later), I haven't been nearly as vigilant about updating as I intend to be. I want to commit to at least one travel post a week, with others sprinkled in, but I may give myself a month before I get there. 

I also want to do a quick, details oriented post like this for every city. I usually spend an hour or two on travel blogs before I go anywhere, and sometimes I just want to know which neighborhoods have cool hostels without having to read a 1000 word anecdote about THE best taxi driver EVER. 

I'm sure he was a god among men, but I'll be splitting my posts up a little more...

So is this where I stop talking about talking less? Well, here's Hong Kong.

Where We Stayed:

Wan Chai, Hong Kong. More specifically, we stayed at the Check Inn HK hostel and absolutely loved it. It's got a weird set up and isn't the most social, but the owner is a gem. Definitely suggest going on one of the hikes he hosts! 

I'd definitely suggest staying on the Hong Kong side of the city, but anywhere near public transportation works.

Where We Ate:

Here's the thing about Hong Kong. You can't go wrong with the food. We pretty much walked into dim sum shops all day long, and nowhere disappointed. Our favorite place was Kam Wah Cafe in Kowloon (!!!), which I covered a couple posts ago and about which I am still dreaming. 

Where We Drank: 

Lan Kwai Fong. There are probably more tourists here after dark than any other bar district I've seen in Asia, but honestly, we enjoyed it so much. Lan Kwai Fong is more or less made up of 4 streets edged on either side by bars and clubs. The atmosphere is great if you're looking for something a little rowdy without being too off color. The streets were packed with mostly foreigners of all ages, talking, laughing, having dance battles... 

There are a ton of great rooftop bars if you want something a little more subdued though!

Where We Touristed:

Hong Kong: Victoria's Peak (hike it. do it. it's great.), Star Ferry, Mid Levels, PMQ (Go to here if you have any interest in design/art/ect!)

Kowloon: Ladies Market, Chi Lin Nunnery, Nan Lian Gardens

Lantau: Tian Tan Buddha, Po Lin Monastery

Overall, I was impressed by everything we did. I've about had it with street markets after this year, so I would probably skip the Ladies Market if I went back. If you love haggling though, have at it...


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